PowerAeroSuites: A User Interface That Keeps You Ahead of the Competition

You need an ERP software that works with you and your business to keep ahead of the competition. PowerAeroSuites (PAS) is leading edge and a complete custom built software solution for aviation MROs and Parts Brokers. . Here are four ways that PAS delivers functionality to grow your business and keeps you ahead of the competitors. For more information about our software, reach out to us today!

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PAS is the One Solution for All Your Needs

Designed by industry professionals, PAS is designed to provide a unique platform that streamlines processes and provides all the functionalities you need to operate more efficiently and maximize returns.  While many ERPs require separate and disjointed modules that are expensive and challenging to operate,  With just a few clicks, PAS delivers  everything you need, that is EASY to use and contained in ONE robust and integrated  solution...

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Unique functionality

MROs today face the enormous challenge of managing capes with their ERP.  Today, many MROs maintain several off-line spreadsheets to track capes.  PAS provides a simple solution for managing capes right within the application.  So, with PAS, you spend less time worrying about who has the real capes list and more time on marketing and growing your business.

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Easy to Use

PowerAeroSuites (PAS) User Interface (UI) is designed with the user in mind and exploits the power and flexibility of modern technology.  Data entry is simple and easy - we integrate drop down listings with auto suggestions/filters throughout the solution.  These are the reasons why navigating from screen to screen is straightforward and intuitive.

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Managing  Tools and Calibration

PAS manages the ever important Tools Calibration process like no other.  Significant emphasis was placed in designing a best-in-class solution to manage tools and calibration.  Tools are integrated with all relevant functions such as work order management, repair order, purchase orders, and workflows.  Calibrated tools are monitored real time by dashboards and triggers giving you a “leg up” on the competition.


For these reasons and more, we believe the tools management functionality available in PAS is superior to any solution in the market today. For more information about our product, contact us today!