Accounting in PowerAeroSuites ERP

Accounting in PowerAeroSuites ERP

Accounting is a nightmare in many ERP, however, with PAS ERP, it is an accountant’s dream.

From receiving to shipping, accounting is largely automated and streamlined delivering optimum functionality and useability for MRO and Parts Traders.

In PAS, accounting is native to the overall ERP and accumulates financial related data from all other components to dynamically generate financial transactions.

PAS ERP provides users the ability to track and report on complex hierarchies (legal and management), this feature is not inherent in other solutions.

General ledger accounts can be assigned to desired ledgers on the fly and are mapped to financial reporting structures (nodes) to dynamically create core financial statements.

Journal entry templates are easy to use and support multiple currencies, recurring journals, and auto-reversing transactions.

Financial periods are configurable for calendar months as well as custom periods.

User access is managed in the security module to protect sensitive data.

Financial reports are real time, robust and exportable into excel.


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