Inventory Management

PowerAeroSuites (PAS) delivers superior Inventory Management functionality including detailed stock trace essential to our industry. The Inventory Module syncs up real time with Work Order, Repair Management, Sales Order and Procurement to keep your inventory relevant, compliant, and at the desired levels. Our system delivers Dashboards and Analysis that help you monitor aged inventory so you can keep stock levels of hard to procure and long lead time items. All geared to reducing inventory cost, customers turnaround time (TAT) and improve profitability. Our reports export neatly to Excel getting you key decisions making information quickly and seamlessly, so you spend less time on manipulating and formatting data and more time focusing on improving business performance.

Work Order Management

Our application is designed to streamline the “end to end” repair process and seamlessly integrates with key components such as Workflow, Inventory, Procurement, Repair Management, Tooling, Capes, and Publications.  PAS can easily handle multiple MPNs on a single Work Order saving you administrative burden and provides the flexibility of transferring materials from the Workflow and/or add materials on the fly. The application is delivered with built in triggers and warnings of Customer PMA and DER restrictions helping you to stay compliant along the way.  Our application allows you to convert Work Order to Customer Quote with a few simple clicks.  You can customize Teardown Entry Templates, manage Tech’s workload, gauge Tech efficiency and flag alternates and equivalencies all within Work Order Management.  Leverage robust Reports, Dashboards and Analysis to provide a clear view of performance. These rich functionalities work in tandem to help you deliver optimum profitability.


Sales Order

PowerAeroSuites (PAS) provides the mechanism to quickly generate Sales Order Quote and easily convert it to Sales Order upon customers approval. Sales Order naturally syncs up with Procurement, Repair Management, Exchange, Work Order Management, and Lot Management to deliver a more streamline Sales Order process. Generate and send ATA 106 and trace documents with just a few clicks. Leverage Reports Internal and analytics to track Quote conversions so you have a clear line of sight of win ratio so that you grasp a better understanding of what it takes to win. Our Dashboards and KPIs provides insightful visuals into business performance and customer satisfaction.

Exchange Management

Let PAS Exchange Module do the heavy lifting - leverage default information to auto generate Exchange Agreements and utilize our robust tracking functionality to monitor core activities. Set up triggers and alerts to prompt core letters, additional billings, and flag exchange cores returns when they arrive at the receiving desk and dynamically update core status on core tracking dashboards.

Lot and Consignment Management

PowerAeroSuites (PAS) delivers superior Lot management functionality providing a streamlined process and a 360 view of Lot performance at any point in time.  Lot Management is tightly in sync with Repair Management, Work Order Management, Inventory and Consignment and others to provide for easy creation of Repair Orders, Work Orders, and Consignment LOTs.  Take advantage of the flexibility to assign Cost using a predetermined Lot % or attribute cost on a stock-by-stock basis.  Custom Reports and Analysis provide measurement and visibility into all the moving pieces to give a thorough UpToDate understanding of LOT performance.

Repair Management

PowerAeroSuites (PAS) streamlines the Repair Management process like no other. User can leverage Vendor capabilities and Vendor Rankings to generate Vendor Quotes quickly and convert them to Repair Orders and Purchase Orders with just a few clicks. PAS makes collaboration with vendors quick and simple all within our Aviation Management Software. Repair Management is integrated with the Work Order, Sales Order, Procurement and Accounting. Leverage our internal Reports and Dashboards to access overspending and rank Vendor based on performance.

Custom CRM

We understand the challenges and cost burden associated with implementing and managing a disparate CRM application.  It is no secret that the majority of features available in CRM applications are often not utilized by organizations. Our solution comprises built in CRM functionality making the most common features available to users.  PAS delivers CRM integration with key modules to save time, cost and complexity associated with migrating data to facilitate Sales tracking and reporting.  In PAS, CRM is the mechanism that handles customer quotes, and acts as the binoculars for customer sales, win ratios, salesperson performance, sales pipeline/funnel and more.  Our CRM helps you to develop and manage sales campaigns to enhance your top line. Utilize our Dashboards and visuals to
provide insights into customer trends.


Our Procurement module is designed with the full complement of features desirable by your purchasing group. Current functionality integrates with Vendor Capes and Vendor Ranking allowing for lower inventory cost and improved delivery time. The User Interface allow users to quickly generate Vendor Quotes and convert them to Purchase Orders with a few simple clicks. Reduce administrative time by leveraging PAS’s scalable grid that allows for single or multiple parts. Procurement management syncs up with the Work Order, Sales Order and Repair Management, Item Master, Inventory and Lot resulting in a more seamless and streamlined process. Collaborates with Vendors, update delivery time via a Dashboard portal or directly on Purchase Order item grid. Take advantage of our Reports, Analysis and Scorecards to gauge Vendor’s performance, and to highlight
opportunities to reduce cost and improve profitability.

Asset Management

The Asset Management functionality in PAS is a key component of the overall application. Our Tooling functionality, within Asset Management, dramatically streamlines the calibration management process, accurately track assets by class, attributes, location, and status. Tools can be tightly mapped to PN and Aircraft to avoid pitfalls during the repair process. Asset Management integrates with Procurement, Accounting, Workflow, Sales order, Repair Order and Work Order Management. Our robust tools monitoring capabilities is best in class and helps to smoothen the Tools Check In/Check Out process. Utilize our interactive Dashboards to detect and alert users with respect to calibration dates and tools availability.


PowerAeroSuites (PAS) is fully integrated with the other components that generate financial transactions. Our application provides users the unique ability to generate Legal Structure and Management hierarchies not inherent in other solutions.  GL account creation is streamlined and can be assigned to desired ledgers on the fly.  GL accounts are mapped to financial reporting structure (nodes) to dynamically create core financial statements.  Journal entry templates are easy to use and supports multi currencies, recurring journal and auto reversing journal.  Financial periods are configurable for calendar months as well as custom periods.  Accounting is also in sync with security module.

KPIs, Reports and Dashboards

As the old saying goes, “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it”. Consistent with that proverb, PAS delivers dynamic dashboards, reports and KPIs to help you track and measure the important aspect of your business. Dashboards are dynamic and in sync with users’ roles so that important information reaches the intended constituents. The application “out of the box” delivers an ample number of custom reports to help you understand and manage your business more effectively. With a few clicks, export reports easily and neatly in Excel without the need for reformatting. KPIs are industry specific that tracks and measures critical operational drivers, thus allowing you to focus on maximizing results.

Business Analytics

Analysis provides key data on Sales Performance, Billing, Gross Margins, Labor/activity tracking and compare actual performance to expected outcomes. PowerAeroSuites (PAS) leverages predefined templates to gauge business performance. These Templates are prominently embedded in key operational modules in the application and refreshes real time upon user access. This valuable functionality is completely in sync with the objective of growing and improving profitability.

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