Work Order Management for MROs in PowerAeroSuites ERP

Work Order Management for MROs in PowerAeroSuites ERP

PowerAeroSuites ERP work order Module is purposely designed to be intuitive and aimed at simplifying complexity.

Experience the efficiency of accessing all needed work order functionality from a single UI.

Our ERP allows users to process multiple PNs on one work order reducing administrative burden.

Work Order process in PAS is streamlined and natively integrates with inventory, procurement, templates, kits, LOT, exchanges, and sub work order.

Generate purchase order, repair order, sub-work order, exchange orders, and tender stock directly from the material list with just a few clicks.

Stock reservations and issuance are all buttons driven, making ease of use and adoption less onerous.

Financial transactions generated in work order naturally create accounting entries that are passed to the accounting functions to be reviewed.

PAS ERP supports proper handling of WIP and finished goods thus providing “true” margin by Unit and better match cost to revenue - all these key functionalities occur seamlessly in our ERP solution.

PAS ERP allows power users to customize traveler/router and teardown templates saving you time while making you more efficient.

Technician’s time can be logged at a task level or at a summary (work order) level either by manual input or scanning in and out of tasks.

These features and more are available right at your fingertips and make using work order functionality a breeze.

Industrial theme view. Repair and maintenance of aircraft engine on the wing of the aircraft