Procurement in PowerAeroSuites ERP

Procurement in PowerAeroSuites ERP

Procurement is a key component of the supply chain process of MROs and Parts Traders.  PAS ERP delivers unmatched features to streamline complex processes.

The ERP is integrated with vendor capes and rankings. This feature helps lower inventory costs and improve delivery time.

Convert vendor quotes to purchase orders or repair orders with just a few clicks reducing redundancies, while the UI is scalable and intuitive to help improve user adoption.

Procurement process syncs up naturally with the other modules such as repair order, item master, work order, sales order, inventory, LOT, and accounting, to create a more streamlined process from beginning to end.

Purchase Order is linked to work orders and sales orders and dynamically reserves to work order or sales order when items are received.

PAS receiving UI is unique and It's the backbone that simplifies the complexity in receiving multiple PNs, serial numbers and trace.

Utilize the custom portal to keep abreast with current delivery times/update new delivery estimates.

Internal Reports and Dashboards provide insights on spending, increase speed, and reduce customer turn time and cost.

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