PowerAeroSuites ERP for Aviation:
A User Interface That Always Keeps You Ahead of the Competition

PowerAeroSuites (PAS) is one ERP Software for MROs and Parts Traders

PowerAeroSuites (PAS) is the ONE aviation ERP software that provides a robust platform that will streamline your business processes.  Leverage all the functionalities required to operate more efficiently and maximize returns.  Get on board today and experience success with our customized ERP software.

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One ERP Solution for MRO and Parts Traders

PowerAeroSuites (PAS) is a fully integrated, web-based ERP built for Aviation Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and Parts Traders. With an intuitive user interface, and built on leading technology, PAS delivers all the functionalities required to operate your MRO and Parts Trading business. Collect, store, analyze data, and manage day-to-day business activities from anywhere via the web through PAS.

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PAS ERP Delivers Unique Features for MROs and Parts Traders in Aviation

When it comes to advanced features and improved efficiency, PAS ERP leads the way. MROs and Parts Traders today face the enormous challenge of managing capabilities within their existing ERP software. Today, the use of off-line spreadsheets to track capabilities makes it cumbersome and time-consuming, taking away from true productivity. PAS provides a simple solution for managing capabilities right within the MRO ERP software saving time and making you more productive. Eliminate the time spent wrestling with multiple offline spreadsheets and more time growing your business. Stay ahead of the competition – get on board with PAS today.

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SAAS Aviation ERP with Easy-to-Use Interface

PAS ERP User Interface (UI) is designed by Aviation experts MRO experts with the end user in mind. Data entry is simple and easy - we integrate drop-down listings with auto-complete filtering throughout the application that syncs up with other modules. All the display grids across the application have the same look and feel, making employee training easier, and improving clarity. These are the leading reasons why navigating from screen to screen and module to module, is very intuitive and straightforward.

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Managing Tools and Calibration in Our Aviation MRO and Parts Trader ERP - PAS

PAS manages tools calibration process like no other. We understand the challenges of managing calibration and integrating tools with work order, RO, accounting etc. It is exactly why significant emphasis was placed on designing a best-in-class solution to manage tools and calibration right within the ERP software. Custom dashboards provide real time monitoring of tools, making your human resources more productive and giving you a “leg up” on the competition.

For these reasons and more, we believe the tools management functionality available in PAS is superior to any solution in the market today. For more information about our product, contact us today!